about me

I have been working with clay most of my life after first discovering the wonders mud could do as a child. I dug a piece of clay up from my garden when I was about 11 years old. Reddy brown and messy I began molding it into the shape of a horse’s head. Pleased with what I had achieved I got a stone from the garden and began rubbing the surface until a beautiful sheen appeared, I was later to learn that was a age old technique called burnishing often used by ancient tribes, one I still use today with the same enthusiasm and pleasure. I studied art at school and went on to study Ceramics, 3D Design and Photography at Art College. My work was developing a sculptural style, using white stoneware clay to produce a textured tactile surface I became aware of using light and shade to accentuate movement of form... I was hooked!


I began teaching Pottery in Adult Education in Bedfordshire, which included working in local day centers with adults with learning and physical disabilities and the elderly, which I found enjoyable and extremely rewarding. I am currently teaching adults Pottery, offering day, evening and weekend classes. I love my job I am so lucky to be able to do Pottery for work! It’s great to see people who come classes for the first time who usually haven’t touched clay since school days, get the pottery bug and return term after term expanding their knowledge and skills.

I teach all aspects of ceramics including: Throwing, handbuilding, glazing, mouldmaking, bodycasting, sculpture, raku 楽焼 (ancient Japaneses pottery traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies, most often in the form of chawan tea bowls.) and Smoke firing.

If you'd like to join one of my classes email me at: m_caldon@yahoo.com

Smoke firing session

the studio

I work from my studio at home surrounded by wonderful countryside and much wildlife set in the beautiful village of Wrestlingworth in Bedfordshire. I was always inspired by the human form and created abstract sculptural pieces which evoked energy and sensuality. Recently more simplified forms are evolving as I am creating the energy and movement produced from smoke firing in my burnished work. Although I have used terra sigillata I prefer to use the simple stone or spoon to burnish as I find it very therapeutic and instills some peace in my busy life.


If you'd like you join me in the studio or at one of my classes you can contact on the below:

email: m_caldon@yahoo.com


call: 07738015008